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Sharker28Our new teamspeak ip is 206[dot]123[dot]125[dot]119:10039
Come join us if your interested in helping us build and set up our server!
MA_Soldier   this maybe off topic but I'm getting kicked every time i join skyblock right when i generate and i want to know if you can help me. Please see this. (I can't do /is h)
Dragominestatus has been updated
Drago184 171 251 232 : 2507 is the new ip address
DragoLetting every one know that we are upgrading the server to day to a 96 player server. It will take me a day or two to git all the plugins an world changed over in the mean time mess around on the old server. thanks for being a member with us we are glade to have you all here. I will post the ip once every thing is working.
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DragoWere now up to date sorry for the wait lol
DragoHello every one I have gotten us setup on minestatus if u would plz stop in to vote for us ill have it set up soon to were u will git some in game money but it will be after we update
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Drago   oops i for got the link lmao

here u go [link]
Sharker28Minecraft version 1.2.4 has just been released. If you wish to play on the server, do not update your client until we have installed the 1.2.4 bukkit version.
Drago   We wont do untill most of the plugins we use are updated so it might be a few days befor we do update.
Dragoevery things good now its back up
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Sharker28To join our server, create an account or login, then join our site.
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thesith331   i did coz im that badass
Drago   created a new website titled MC Legends on Enjin
minecraftman16   come to my website u can give me your servers and i will put them u for u guys @ [link] . See u there!
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